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Mission Statement:

The Puyallup Valley Gem & Mineral Club exists to foster, promote and develop the interest of its members in geology and the earth sciences, mineralogy, gemology and similar subjects.  We pursue these subjects as a hobby for social, recreational and educational purposes.  We desire to promote the harmonious association together of persons interested in these subjects and hold meeting and gatherings in their pursuit.

Club History:

On the 9th of October, 1948 our club was made official. But it really started before that. PCG&MC was started by people who were interested in rockhounding and lapidary arts. These people met together at a cafe in Tenino, WA. The best known of these individuals was Mr. D.A. Burns, who was always willing to show his material and teach how to cut and polish it. This group of people was growing, and soon they outgrew the cafe.


On September 11, 1948, eleven people met at the home of Joel Boon to discuss the idea of starting a rock club, and this discussion led to the first meeting on October 9, 1948. This meeting was held at the Boon's store and by February of 1949 the club had grown to thirty members. By March of 1949 the membership had swelled to forty people, so it now had outgrown the store and the meetings moved to the International Order of Forrestries Hall.

From the start, this club has been known as a friendly, informative, and highly active group. The club has helped with civic activities, like working with the Bureau of Land Management to pick up litter on roadsides, parks and camping areas. The club has also had window displays of polished stones during the daffodil festivals and at the State Fair held annually in Puyallup.


To this day, we are the most active club in the state. We meet twice a month, hold 3-6 classes a week at our Club house, go on monthly field trips, two of which are in conjunction with the Washington State Mineral Council, hold an annual Rock Show, have school geological education, and participate in the hobby hall at the Puyallup Fair where we hand out buckets of tumbled rocks to children. We keep getting better every year with the number of activities continually growing.


 Thank you to everyone in the club, doing their best to continue this impressive legacy. We will be around for another 70 years!

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