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Group Educational Opportunities:  Our Club has a wide variety of educational topics that their members can present to your group.  Groups that we have participated with in the past are Elementary Geology/Science classes, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Topics include talks on Fossils, Minerals and Rocks.  Most talks are about an hour in length and include a “Show and Tell” component.


If you are a small lapidary business owner, you may wish to take advantage of advertising in our monthly newsletter, the Rock-A-Teer, and/or posting a link to your business on our webpage.  

Advertisers will receive an ad in each newsletter and/or a link to their webpage for up to one year.  Ads and/or link postings may be renewed on a yearly basis.  No partial year payments will be refunded.  Please contact Jillian Higgins for for newsletter page layout or for posting a link to your business.  All ad content must be proof read and approved by the Board of Directors and paid for in advance.  The ad/link will appear, after approval and payment, in the next available publication of the newsletter and/or as soon as possible on our webpage.

Monthly pricing is as follows:

                                                                             Members                                             Non-Members            

Web page ad:

            Link to your web page                             $25.00                                                $50.00

            Web page                                                $25.00 per page-inch                          $50.00 per page-inch

Newsletter ad:                                                     $25.00 per page-inch                          $50.00 per page-inch

Web page & Newsletter ad:                                $40.00 per link & page-inch                 $80.00 per link & page-inch

Sell / Buy / Trade ad:                                          Same as above prices per mo.            Same as above prices per mo.

Fees effective January 1, 2017


These organizations web sites contain a lot of interesting, educational and valuable information and links and are worth visiting.

alaa logo-ts1580265588.png

American Land Access Association

We are members the American Land Access Association. Their web site is

wsmc letterhead-ts1580265326.jpg

Washington State Mineral Council

We are also members of the Washington State Mineral Council.  Their web site is

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