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Club House

The PVG&MC clubhouse is a small house that has been converted into a place where club members can come to use club equipment such as slab and trim saws, cabbing machines, sanders, polishing machines, faceting machines, silversmithing equipment, and assorted other tools and equipment.   Club members must be certified to use clubhouse equipment and to become certified members must demonstrate to an authorized club member knowledge of how to correctly and safely use clubhouse equipment.  To schedule a time for certification please contact the clubhouse coordinator. 


There is a basic $5 fee for each member using the clubhouse equipment and, in some cases, there may be an additional fee which may vary depending on the class, which typically covers material used during that class. 

Clubhouse activities vary from day to day, including both weekdays and weekends, and may be at different times during the day.  If you have questions about a scheduled class or activity at the clubhouse, contact the person listed on the Puyallup Valley Gem & Mineral Club clubhouse activities list which can be found on the calendar page of this web site or just click here. If you have questions, concerns, ideas for classes, or are interested in teaching a class, please contact the clubhouse coordinator, Tony Johnson (253) 863-9238 or email

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