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Club House - Cabochon Making

Instructor: - According to Calendar Linked Here.

Cost: - $5.00 Club House Usage Fee

Materials: - Please bring your own materials or materials can be purchased from

      the instructor. These materials include anything from agate, jasper, petrified wood, etc.        and can come as either rough, slabs, or preforms.

Required Tools: - Instructor has required tools but you can bring any of your own         

      tools and supplies. Suggested supply list; waterproof apron, hearing protection, eye

      protection, gloves, storage container to hold your items, towels, and cab stencils. 

Availability: - see Club House Schedule for specific date and time

Description: - You are only limited by your imagination. Any of the instructors are able to

      teach you how to use all the equipment within the club house to craft everything from a

      specific calibrated cabochon to a freeform of any design you like.

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