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Club House - Flint Knapping

Instructor: - Craig Oda

Cost: - There is no charge for this class

Materials: - Please bring your own materials like flint or obsidian blanks or rough, 

      or materials can be purchased from the instructor

Required Tools: - Instructor has required tools but you can bring any of your own         

      tools and supplies. Leather Gloves and Protective Eyewear are required. We

      also suggest you bring protection for your legs, like chaps and a thick blanket

      (moving blanket style) that you will not use for any purpose other than

      knapping. You will also need a variety of rounded hammers, pressure tools,

      and precision tools. These come in a bunch of different types of materials from

      steel, brass, bone and others. Please email to get a specific list if you would

      like or attend and see what tools the instructor has then bring your own to the

      next class.

Availability: - see Club House Schedule for specific date and time. You can also

      look at Puget Sound Knapper's website if you are interested in attending their

      classes every Friday.

Description: - Flint Knapping is one of the oldest skills known to man.

      Archeological records show that primitive man was creating his own tools

      through the process of flint knapping and the practice is still used for survival

      in many places on the earth today. The instructor of this course will teach you

      how to select usable materials, find a good striking stone or such implement,

      and how to manipulate the materials so you don't hurt yourself.

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