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Club House - Gem Trees

Instructor: - To Be Announced

Cost: - $5.00 Club House Usage Fee

Materials: - The materials for these are as follows:

      The wire for your trees depends on the size of your stone "leaves". The

      larger the stones, the larger the gauge of wire. Suggested sizes are:

  • 20 Gauge

  • 22 Gauge

  • 24 Gauge

      You need one large stone or block of wood as your tree base. You also need

      smaller stones for your leaves, either chip stones beads or undrilled chip


Required Tools: - Instructor has required tools but you can bring any of your own         

      tools and supplies. Recommended tools are: chain nose plyers, round nose

      plyers, flush cutters, jewelers hammer, rulers, and quilting or masking tape.

Availability: - see Club House Schedule for specific date and time

Description: - Gem Trees are unique creations made in imitation of trees using

      chips of various minerals in place of leaves in conjunction with the distinctive

      shaping of various sizes and types of wire for branches and trunks. These

      creations can be made to represent living trees or artistic renderings of

      imagined plant life by the creator of the project.

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