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Club House - Precious Metal Clay (PMC)

Instructor: - To be announced

Cost: - $5.00 Club House Usage Fee + $5.00 Instructor Fee

Materials: - There are a lot of materials you can purchase for PMC. Each class

      tends to work on a specific technique with a specific clay, so if you are

      interested in purchasing your materials independent of the instructor you will

      have to email us for the specifics.

Required Tools: - Instructor has required tools, of which there are many, but you   

      can bring any of your own stamps, clay working tools, sponges, bag balm,

      rollers, clay mats, or PMC specific tools.

Availability: - see Club House Schedule for specific date and time

Description: - Precious Metal Clay or PMC utilizes a material that consists of

       ground up precious metals mixed with an organic binder, that is shaped,

       molded, or pressed into whatever design you want. You can bezel set stones

       or gems, create pendants with pressed images, or freeform your own

       creating. Your project is then heated either in a kiln or with a torch until all the

       organic material is burnt off and you are left with a pure metal fabrication.

       When it comes to jewelry making, the options for this medium are endless.

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