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Club House - Silversmithing

Instructor: - To Be Announced

Cost: - $5.00 Club House Usage Fee + $5.00 Instructor Fee

Materials: - Please bring your own materials. If you have any questions about

      what to bring, please contact the instructor for materials list

Required Tools: - The Club has the basic tools, but you can bring any of your own

      tools and supplies by again contacting the instructor for a list of tools.

Availability: - see Club House Schedule for specific date and time

Description: - Silversmithing is the process of taking precious and semi-precious

      pieces of metal and using heat and tools, manipulate those metals into

      beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. The Silversmithing classes are for

      advanced or students that have attended a beginners class before. Beginner

      classes are held twice annually unless sufficient inquires requires additional

      classes. Due to the use of HOT torches and Mild Acids, the Instructor requests

      that no one under the age of 16 attend classes and that children should be

      kept from the premises while silversmithing classes are being held.

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