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Club House - Wire Weaving

Instructor: - Jillian Higgins

Cost: - $5.00 Club House Usage Fee

Materials: - Materials can be purchased from the instructor at market rate or fare

       value depending on the type of material. 

       If you are bring your own material we recommend you work in solid copper,

       solid silver, or copper core wire as many craft wires are made using

       aluminum, which is incredibly soft and difficult to work with when you are

       just beginning.

Recommended gauges (American standard gauge) in dead soft of 1/2 hard:

  • 18 Gauge Square

  • 20 Gauge Square

  • 18 Gauge Round

  • 20 Gauge Round

  • 26 Gauge Round

  • 28 Gauge Round

Required Tools: - Instructor has required tools for you to use, or you can bring he

       following recommended beginning tools:

  • Chain nose plyers

  • Round nose plyers

  • Flat nose plyers

  • Nylon jaw plyers

  • Flush cutters

  • Cleaning Cloth

  • Ruler

  • Permanent marker

  • Thin quilters tape or masking tape

       We always recommend bringing a pen and paper to take notes on


Availability: - see Club House Schedule for specific date and time.

Description: - The process of wire weaving utilizes many shapes and sizes of

       wires the secure stones or gems into the form of a pendants, rings, earrings,

       etc. The process is much like wire wrapping, with one miner exception. In wire

       weaving you utilize a very thin wire to weave intricate designs around your

       base wires to create elaborate pieces or jewelry. It seams extremely

       complicated, but it is really a lot simpler than you would think.

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